RDI Characters

The Characters of The Red Dragon Inn

Fiona the Volatile
Zot the Wizard and Pooky
Deirdre the Priestess
Gerki the Sneak
Eve the Illusionist
Fleck the Bard
Gog the Half-Ogre
Dimli the Dwarf
Wizgille the Tinkerer
Kaylin the Renegade
Brewmaster Phrenk
Serena the Pious
Captain Whitehawk
First Mate Remy
Bryn the Boatswain
Tara the Navigator
Lizwick the Collector
Joran the Trickster
Sera the Fleetfooted
Zakhan the Drunken Master
Amundyr the Cursed
Daareka the Mindbreaker
Torglesnarf Duncleton, First of His Name
Baron von Vlazlo
Warthorn Redbeard
Father Farai
Molly the Stablehand
Lucky the Scofflaw
Jasper the Bouncer
Phyll Startusk
The Wench
Samantha the Bookie
Nerodia the Petrifier
Dale the Mycologist
Jett the Courier
Petra the Devious
Doctor Terci
Beastsergeant Ygella
Pooky the Vicious
Erin the Ever-Changing
Cormac the Mighty
Witchdoctor Natyli
Ozrik the Adept
Brother Bastian
Zariah the Summoner
Halden the Unhinged
Chronos the Time Mage
Keet the Treasure Hunter
Nitrel the Sapper
The Magnificent Adonis, Bard of the Ages
The Lich King
Spyke *
Flower *
Ohava the Grand Cleric
Murgath the Blessed
Piper, Eagle-Eyed Sniper
Melvyn, Collegium Archivist
Ripsnarl, Bad Dog
Marah the Maledictor
Roxana, Adventurous Chef
Evil Pooky

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