Store Events

Effective 3/24/2020, we have decided to halt kit ordering for the foreseeable future. We believe we have a responsibility to do our part to reduce in-person gatherings until the pandemic threat has passed. Please be safe, and we look forward to providing kit orders again soon.

We know that a big part of a game store’s success rests in encouraging traffic and engagement with a robust and exciting event schedule! In order to keep helping retailers and entertaining fans, we’re expanding our in-store programs to include more of our games. Learn more about what we have to offer below!

The Red Dragon Inn Organized Play is now in its sixth season. Organized Play is your opportunity to prove that you’re a tavern brawling expert in Red Dragon Inn Tournaments! These tournaments are hosted by Tournament Organizers at your local game store, giving fans of RDI a friendly place to compete for fabulous prizes. Check out the new prizes available in season six here.

We’ve launched a new, casual play program for 2020! The RDI Tavern League format is ideal for hosting regular RDI events with a little structure and prize support to keep customers coming back to play multiple times. The focus isn’t on winning or losing, but on regular attendance, good sportsmanship, and hearty laughs!

Looking for a way to foster a little interest in our cooperative deckbuilding adventure game? Your customers can play in a fun and flavorful scenario variant in stores and take home two new cards to add to their copy of Battle for Greyport! Click the link to find out more.