Murgath the Blessed

Characters – Murgath the Blessed

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We all know the story of the adventurer who has the misfortuyne of being stuck with a cursed item. But what about the villain who is stuck with a blessed item? Murgath is a vile, ruthless Blackguard who can’t get rid of the holy sword Banefall. Banefall does everything in her power to stay Murgath’s hand and interfere with his evil plans. She can’t completely stop him, but she can give her blessings to those unfortunate targets of his wrath.

The Bad: Murgath is a fearsome enemy.

The Worse: He is this powerful even with Banefall holding him back!

Race: Human
Class: Blackguard

Playable in:
The Red Dragon Inn: Allies – Ohava vs. Murgath


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