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The Team

Jeff Morrow President

Jeff Morrow joined the Slug Team in 2008, and became SlugFest’s resident jack-of-all-trades, handling such tasks as game design, playtesting, rules writing, graphic layout, and web design. He took over as president of the company in October 2014. When he’s not working for SlugFest, he is a computer programmer, a foodie and a musician. When he’s not doing those things, he’s probably playing computer games.

Sam Waller Director of Development

Sam Waller started playtesting for SlugFest Games back in 2006 when he met the company founder Cliff Bohm at Gen Con SoCal, officially joining SFG in 2009. You will find him popping in on boardgamegeek or Reddit threads answering rules questions and sharing what exciting new stuff SFG is up to. He works with Jeff on game design and playtesting, as well. When he’s not working for the Slug, he is usually at some tournament.

Jennifer Kitzman Director of Customer Service

Jen joined SlugFest in 2013 to assist with online ordering and serve as a customer contact when they need help. She’s worked in games and comics retail since 2000, and could build a small summer home out of her collected books and gaming accessories. When she’s not answering emails, reading comics or throwing dice, she’s getting shipments sent out and chatting with convention organizers. When she’s not doing those things, she’s probably out riding her bicycle.

Erin Wong Staff Artist

After a couple months of playing Red Dragon Inn with her friends, Erin set out to tell SlugFest just how much she enjoyed playing it and how much she loved the art. At that time, RDI 5 was underway, and she soon found herself with a spot on the artist team. She draws almost every day, all day, but on the rare occasion you find her without a pen in her hand and peeled away from the computer, she’s either working out at the gym, playing video games, or baking sweet treats.

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