Adventure is Nigh: The Card Game

Adventure is Nigh – The Card Game is a new card game for 2-4 players featuring the familiar characters from the Adventure is Nigh YouTube series. After another wild adventure it’s time you kicked back with your buddies for a party at your favorite nightclub. Brawl, gamble and drink your way through the night as a unique character with its own deck, traits and mechanics. The last adventurer standing wins! SlugFest Games is THRILLED to be working with Second Wind to create the Adventure is Nigh Card Game featuring their iconic characters! AIN will be a standalone game with everything

Arvalo and the Star Mole

To celebrate the release of The Red Dragon Inn 9, we present this story by Geoff Bottone about how the Undercity’s own Star Mole Drinking Hole came into being. Enjoy! THE DAY OF RED FIRE “Land ho!” A cheer went up from the three ships at the cry from Mister Minnow in the crow’s nest. It had been a long sail through rough seas and bad weather, but Greyport Harbor was at last in sight. Commodore Arvalo strode to the prow of his ship, the Star Swan, and felt his chest swell with pride. The crews of the Swan, the

Extra Life Fundraiser 2023

‘When are you going to do Extra Life again?’, fans ask of us every summer and fall. The answer is; next weekend! Last year we had an incredible amount of participation in our fundraising from fans like you, with hundreds donating to help Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Want to be a part of that winning combination? Read on! On Saturday, November 11th, from Noon until 4pm Pacific, we’ll be livestreaming on Twitch to encourage donations to Extra Life! We’ll also be giving away copies of the Fortitudinal Resonator promo card, and raffling other sweet, to-be-revealed prizes. We’ll be playing games,

The Swozzled Sorcerer

The Cryptic Critic Reviews: The Swozzled Sorcerer Who is the Cryptic Critic? No one knows, and that’s the point! She travels all over Greyport in disguise, sampling the fare at all the city’s inns and taverns. The only sign of her passing is the Golden Forks she leaves behind after she dines (along with the occasional fake mustache or two—oops)! Be ready! She could be coming to your establishment next! I know what you’re thinking, Gentle Reader. “The Swozzled Sorcerer?! What’s that? I’ve never heard of it!” Don’t feel ashamed. Your humble CC hadn’t heard of it either until just

The Disgruntled Professor

Hey, Red Dragon Inn fans, here’s a new lore drop from Geoff Bottone! The guests at the soiree were an even mix of city councilors, tenured and retired professors of the Mages’ Collegium, ranking members of Greyport’s various guilds, and, of course, well-heeled donors with deep pockets and a love of brass plaques with their names on them. The entire purpose of the gathering was to wine, dine, and impress these donors in particular, to ensure that a steady supply of gold continued to pour into the Collegium’s coffers. Because of that, the senior faculty had been warned to be

Melvyn vs Marah LIVE on Kickstarter

The Greyport Mages’ Collegium is the premiere school of magic in all the land. But what happens when one of its professors goes rogue? Well, then, it’s up to our heroes to stop her! This new two-character expansion includes the friendly Collegium librarian, Melvyn, as well as the turncoat teacher of defensive magic, Marah! This product is an expansion to The Red Dragon Inn and not a standalone product – you’ll need a base game to play.

Jin Brings the Songs

Jin Brings the Songs by Geoff Bottone SO, I BECAME A RAMBLING BARD The little bar had closed for the night. Jin sat on the lip of the low, splintering stage and watched the waitstaff mop up the last of the spills and bang upturned chairs onto tabletops. He rubbed an eye with one hand while he hefted his share of the take in the other. It didn’t take much effort on his part—there weren’t that many coins. Either the local barflies didn’t like The Undyed Tunics song catalog, or people in Trebeldon were stingy with their tips. Jin blinked

New SlugCrew Rewards!

In the first few days of 2020, we eagerly announced new rewards for SlugCrew, our team of enthusiasts running SlugFest gaming sessions at game stores and conventions. Melvyn, the minotaur mage was the reward for folks who ran lots of games. We were all looking forward to a great year of gaming. Then some stuff happened… But now, in-person gaming is back, and so it’s finally time to put our minotaur friend out to pasture. Don’t worry – he’ll be back very soon in an upcoming retail release. In the meantime, we’re excited to finally announce new SlugCrew rewards! We

OP Season 8 and Tavern League Season 2

Our Red Dragon Inn Organized Play program is entering its eight season! We’ve refreshed the promo card prizes included in the kit, and we’ve also updated the format of Organized Play kits to make them easier for game stores to use to their fullest. Plus, they’re less expensive now! Organized Play is your opportunity to prove that you’re a tavern brawling expert in official Red Dragon Inn Tournaments! These tournaments are hosted by Tournament Organizers at your local game store, giving fans of RDI a friendly place to compete for fabulous prizes. In Season 8, the premium prize is Cinder

A Gala to Remembala!

A Gala to Remembala! By Geoff Bottone Today we dive into the finale of our tale from the Undercity. The plan has been set, will our heroes foil it in time? This is Chapter 5 of an ongoing story. Follow this link if you missed Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3 or Chapter 4. Petra didn’t look back, or look at the box she now carried tucked under one arm. Instead, she kept right on running until she had reached Greyport street level. Then, slowing just a bit so as not to be stupidly obvious, she jogged a zig-zag track