Roxana, Adventurous Chef

Characters – Roxana, Adventurous Chef

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Roxana, Adventurous Chef is the head chef at The Red Dragon Inn. And she’s called an “adventurous chef” for two reasons. First, she is no stranger to experimentation in the kitchen, preparing such ambitious dishes as her Spatchcocked Cockatrice and Fire Salamander Flambé. Second, she knows how to hold her own in a tavern full of adventurers, where things can get dangerous at a moment’s notice!

The Good: Her classic dishes are legendary and bring people from far and wide to The Red Dragon Inn.

The Bad: Her experimental dishes sometimes make those patrons go right back home.

Race: Elf
Class: Chef

Playable in:
The Red Dragon Inn Smorgasbox (contains components for both The Red Dragon Inn and Battle for Greyport)


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