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Characters – Serena the Pious

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Serena would have died if she hadn’t been such a cute baby. The Paladins who found her could not bring themselves to slay her as they did the other Orcs in her village. Seeing no other option, they took her in and tried to raise her as one of their own. Even with her training, she is always at risk of succumbing to her chaotic orcish instincts, so she must be ever-vigilant to stay on the righteous path.

The Good: With her holy blade at her side, she lives to smite evil.

The Bad: Carousing in a tavern isn’t exactly the best way for Serena to stay on that righteous path

Race: Orc
Class: Paladin

Playable in:
The Red Dragon Inn 3

Also Appears in:
Battle for Greyport

Serena, Aspirant Paladin


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