Kaylin the Renegade

Characters – Kaylin the Renegade

19_dontthinkso2 06_cute_2 10_youcanfly_C8 Kaylin

Kaylin is a tiny Pixie Enchanter with a big chip on her shoulder. The whole cutesy pixie thing didn’t suit her, so she left The Grove and set out on her own. Wulfric is a wolf who is neither tiny, nor has a chip on his shoulder. Between her magical skills and his brute strength, they are a match for any dungeon’s monsters.

The Good: Wulfric is a noble companion who always helps his friends.

The Bad: Kaylin isn’t always so noble.

Race: Pixie
Class: Enchanter

Playable in:
The Red Dragon Inn 3

Also Appears in:
Battle for Greyport

The Outside World