Joran the Trickster

Characters – Joran the Trickster

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Joran’s penchant for pranks earned him a student “sabbatical” from the Mage’s Collegium. Fortunately, Zot saw some potential in the boy, and decided to take him adventuring for some valuable field experience. The young mage’s humor has proven to be mostly harmless to his new friends. He puts his clever brain to good use by pulling fast ones on the bad guys.

The Good: Joran’s talent for misdirection makes him the perfect weapon against enemy spell-casters.

The Bad: It also makes him the perfect weapon against his friends’ gold, their sobriety, their patience…

Race: Human
Class: Mage

Playable in:
The Red Dragon Inn 5

Also Appears in:
Battle for Greyport – Pirates!


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