Keet the Treasure Hunter

Characters – Keet the Treasure Hunter

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Goblins who adventure together party together!

Keet and his sister Nitrel have spent their lives exploring dungeon treasure vaults across the land… and blowing them up. Keet’s knock for locating ancient treasures pairs well with Nitrel’s knack for blasting holes in ancient walls.

Keet brings rare and powerful magic items to the table, replacing his gold coin tokens with Artifacts. Unidentified Artifact cards work just like gold tokens, but as soon as they are flipped over watch out! You never know what you’re getting into when you’re playing with Artifacts, and sometimes you may find yourself the unhappy owner of a Cursed Idol of Doom!

The Good: Many of the artifacts Keet has dug up belong in a museum!

The Bad: … but many of them end up as tips for the Wench.

Race: Goblin
Class: Archaeologist

Playable in:
The Red Dragon Inn: Allies – Keet and Nitrel


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