Zot the Wizard

Characters – Zot the Wizard and Pooky

Zot_OhNoDrunkRampage Zot_IDontThinkSo Zot_BadPookyDontDrink Zot

Zot might have had a cushy job teaching magic theory at the Wizards’ College, had he not been saddled with Pooky, a psychotic, binge drinking bunny rabbit, as his familiar.

The Good: Zot is good at card tricks, and, hence, is good at gambling. His mastery of many magical spells keeps him well protected, whether he’s roughhousing, drinking, or gambling.

The Bad: That rabbit is insane. Seriously.

Race: Human
Class: Mage

Playable in:
The Red Dragon Inn
Battle for Greyport
Tales from the Red Dragon Inn

Zot and Pooky
Swearing in Dwarven
The Audition
The Battle for Greyport
Eve the Illusionist
Gog the Half-Ogre
The Mage’s Thesis
Out of the Ashes
Gerki’s Big Problem
Gerki’s Big Solution
Birthday of Adventure

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