Adventure is Nigh: The Card Game

Adventure is Nigh – The Card Game is a new card game for 2-4 players featuring the familiar characters from the Adventure is Nigh YouTube series. After another wild adventure it’s time you kicked back with your buddies for a party at your favorite nightclub. Brawl, gamble and drink your way through the night as a unique character with its own deck, traits and mechanics. The last adventurer standing wins!

SlugFest Games is THRILLED to be working with Second Wind to create the Adventure is Nigh Card Game featuring their iconic characters! AIN will be a standalone game with everything you need to play the game all in one box. Even more exciting is that it is built on the The Red Dragon Inn game engine, letting you mix and match characters between AIN and RDI!

Adventure is Nigh! is the hilarious Actual Play D&D campaign series by Jack Packard and produced by Omar Ahmed following the exploits of Mortimer (Yahtzee Croshaw), Sigmar (KC Nwosu), Grinderbin (Jesse Galena), and Dabarella (Amy Campbell), a misfit group of adventurers journeying through a fantastical world full of magic, mayhem, and unfortunately named NPCs.

They have just wrapped their third season and you can enjoy the entire thing right now on YouTube. If you’re behind and need to catch up, you can learn about their failing-into-success antics in this recap of seasons 1 and 2:

Seen enough? Take a look at the rest of the project on Kickstarter, admire the many features and stretch goals, and pledge for your copy today!

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