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Copperforge Kickstarter is LIVE!

Copperforge is a gnomish city, and the center of arcano-mechanical invention in the world of the Red Dragon Inn. It’s Wizgille the Tinkerer’s hometown, and normally it’s the picture of peace and prosperity. Unfortunately, there are new and nefarious bad guys bringing all the cogwheel-ed chaos you can imagine to town! In this expansion to our cooperative deckbuilding adventure game The Battle for Greyport, you’ll be able to protect the landmarks of a whole new city, halt a train heist, and KO steampunk-flavored mecha pilots. New Scenarios, new Bosses, and new Monsters are all a part of the package! The

Announcing Chaos in Copperforge

First, the heroes of The Red Dragon Inn had to do ‘their day job’ and protect the city of Greyport from malicious and monstrous attacks in The Battle for Greyport. Then, pirates attacked from the seas and even the sky. Now, the battle is going to a new city entirely – Copperforge, the home of Wizgille the tinkerer and the center of arcano-mechanical invention! Normally it’s a peaceful Gnomish city, but now it’s… In this expansion to our cooperative deckbuilding adventure game The Battle for Greyport, you’ll be able to protect the landmarks of a whole new city, halt a

Dungeon Decorators Wins!

Once upon a couple weeks ago… Earlier this month, we visited Birmingham, England to attend 2022’s UK Games Expo. After years of hearing good things about the show, it was great to actually attend and meet all of the lovely people who make the expo a fun and memorable event! We knew just before the show that Dungeon Decorators was ‘on the shortlist’ for an award, and were amazed at how interested and involved attendees were with the awards process. People would approach our booth just to ask about it, and most people knew about the nomination without us saying

Extra Life Fundraiser 2021

Last year we raised 140% our initial goal with your generous support, and we’re eager to see if we can beat that spread! Extra Life and the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals that it benefits could definitely use the support this year. We’re raising money for UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals once more, and you can help! On November 13th, from Noon PST until 4pm PST, we’ll be livestreaming on Twitch to encourage donations to Extra Life! We’ll also be giving away copies of the Bitecoin promo card, and raffling other sweet, to-be-revealed prizes. We’ll be playing games, chatting with guests, answering

Tales Kickstarter is LIVE

The rumors are true! The long wait is over! Delve into dungeons and topple terrors in Tales from the Red Dragon Inn! After bubbling in our game development cauldron for a few years, we’ve finally mixed in the right amount of juicy gameplay morsels and balanced the thematic herbs and spices perfectly. Prepare yourselves for a piping-hot serving of dungeon crawl action! A Cooperative Dungeon Crawler! In Tales, 1-4 players work as a team to defeat the bad guys and progress to the next encounter in a 20+ scenario campaign. As you gather more victories under your belt, each hero

Announcing Tales from the RDI

Many times, for many years, it has been asked ‘Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a dungeon crawl game based on The Red Dragon Inn?’ It’s a question we’ve heard many times from fans like you! It’s a question we’ve lingered on, rubbing our chins thoughtfully and musing about how it would be cool, indeed. Now all of the musing is over, and we can show you what we’ve been working on to make everyone’s RDI dungeon crawl dreams a reality! Sometimes the adventurers who frequent the titular Red Dragon Inn have to -gasp- do some actual adventuring! So

OP Reopens and Season 7 Begins

Store Event Kit Ordering Re-Opens August 1st With stores reopening, and vaccination for COVID-19 reaching a majority of the US population, we feel that it’s finally safe enough to start encouraging fans of our games to meet at their favorite local game stores and play! On August 1st, kit ordering will be available once more for all of our Store Event programs, including Organized Play and Tavern League. Tell your local retailer the good news, and point them to our website if they’d like to order event kits! And there’s one more bit of news that’s fit to share… Season

Gen Con Online 2021

Gen Con Online 2021 Last year, we took part in an experiment with the Gen Con community in order to preserve the spirit of the event, even though we could not gather in person. That experiment brought in many people who wanted the Gen Con experience – both event regulars AND first-timers who had never had the opportunity before! After a weekend full of emoji, voice chat, and of course GAMES, Gen Con Online 2020 was a success. This year, Gen Con Online is back, building on the experiences of the first event, and if you can’t make it to