New SlugCrew Rewards!

In the first few days of 2020, we eagerly announced new rewards for SlugCrew, our team of enthusiasts running SlugFest gaming sessions at game stores and conventions. Melvyn, the minotaur mage was the reward for folks who ran lots of games. We were all looking forward to a great year of gaming.

Then some stuff happened…

But now, in-person gaming is back, and so it’s finally time to put our minotaur friend out to pasture. Don’t worry – he’ll be back very soon in an upcoming retail release. In the meantime, we’re excited to finally announce new SlugCrew rewards!

We start off with the Minor Rewards. These three Red Dragon Inn promo cards are available for any SlugCrew member who earns 30 SlugCrew Points (about 6 hours of demos). But if you get 150 SlugCrew Points (about 30 hours of demos), you can earn the Major Reward – a sneak preview version of a future Red Dragon Inn character!

Presenting… Master of Ceremonies Jin!

During his travels as a busker, the young bard Jin noticed that he got more tips when he emphasized audience participation in his songs. This led him to work with an inventor from Copperforge to create an automated singalong machine – just load up a song and hand the amplification wand to the singer! Now everyone at The Red Dragon Inn looks forward to Jin’s “singalong nights” where he encourages even the most reluctant patrons to get on stage and croon!

Of course, what makes this character really sing (literally) are his songs!

Jin always has a setlist in front of him of up to three face-up songs. Many of his cards instruct a player to sing, which means that they pick a song from the setlist and sing it! This leads to flavorful fun and interesting choices not just for the Jin player, but for everyone else at the table as well.

If you’d like to learn more about Jin, check out his rules!

Jin Rules (PDF, 500.8 K)

And don’t forget to visit the SlugCrew page to learn more about how you can sign up and start earning rewards!

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