Tales is Getting a Reprint!

Tales had a very good year!

We released Tales from the Red Dragon Inn last year to much acclaim, and with much acclaim came much selling…and now the first printing has gone out-of-stock. So it’s time for a reprint!

The second printing will be functionally the same as the original (why mess with a good thing?), but it will include some quality-of-life improvements and a small handful of typo fixes.

Thanks for all the love! We’re blushing!

‘I backed the first one, why should I care?’

Well, beloved SlugFan, we have some component upgrades we think you’ll really like, including new miniatures, an upgrade kit with the quality-of-life improvements we’re ‘baking in’ to the second printing, and metal Ability Tokens – just to name a few!

Here’s a sneak peek of some goodies for you…

‘I missed the first one, can I get the previous unlocks?’

Yes! You’ll be able to get the Kickstarter-exclusive miniatures from the first project as well as the Demo Scenario Kit.

If you purchased Tales in retail, meaning you have the game but none of the exclusives, you’ll be able to get just the extras that you missed!

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