SlugCrew 2020 Rewards Extended!

Hello to all of our SlugCrew out there! We hope that you’ve been having a safe and healthy year wherever you are.

As you are probably aware, to try and keep safe opportunities to earn points available we’ve opened up SlugCrew reporting to online events that meet our criteria. Online events will continue to remain eligible for SlugCrew points for the forseeable future.

While that’s helped some Crew meet their demoing goals, we know that it’s tough to go from in-person demos to online games! From gauging interest to advertising and setting up a time, and then to the actual demo and the possible technical problems across multiple people, the challenges add up.

We’re sure that plenty of SlugCrew who haven’t earned Melvyn or the Minor Reward cards for 2020 yet are starting to worry that these rewards will be lost to the mists of time, but fear not!

Melvyn and the 2020 Minor Rewards will be available through 2021!

We’re expanding the reward window due to the unprecedented nature of the events of 2020, and we wanted you to know. This year gets a Mulligan, we look forward to approving your events and sending you a Melvyn deck in 2021!

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