The 2020 SlugCrew Rewards!

It’s a whole new decade of gaming, and we’re happy to join you all in it. And what better way to start than to show off the exciting new 2020 SlugCrew Rewards?

SlugCrew is our international team of gamers who demo, run tournaments and share their love of SlugFest Games with others. By running events at game stores and conventions, SlugCrew members earn special rewards like promo cards for The Red Dragon Inn as well as pre-release versions of upcoming Character Decks. Ozrik, Wrench, Keet, Adonis, Murgath and Piper have all been pre-released to SlugCrew over the life of the program.

Long story short: teach the games you love, tell us about it, and we send you cool stuff!

We have three new promo cards again this year; two drinks with a follow-up effect and one Prize card that’s stuffed with potential. Hopefully the Holy Council won’t need their notes anytime soon!

You can earn these drinks by getting 30 SlugCrew points (or about 6 hours worth of demoing). SlugCrew who earn 150 points or more will get our Major Reward, a brand new pre-release character deck: Melvyn, the Collegium Archivist!

Melvyn is a wise minotaur and a lifelong student of the ancient Runic Magicks. He’s responsible for the mapping and curation of the Arcane Archive – a vast extraplanar space created to store all manner of strange, powerful and dangerous items. The outer rooms of the Archive serve as the Collegium’s library, while the labyrinthine inner chambers are off-limits to all but the most senior staff. Melvyn was brought to life with lovely art from Megan Langan!

While Melvyn may be an infrequent adventurer, he’s also an old classmate of Zot’s, and he’s always up for sharing a pint with our heroes and introducing them to a new game (fresh from the dusty tomes of the Arcane Archives!)

As a scholar of Runic Magicks, Melvyn comes with a side deck of Rune cards. At the beginning of his turn, and whenever a card tells him to do so, he reveals a card from his Rune deck and places it face up near his player mat. The Runes come in four colors; Red, Blue, Gold and Black. Runes allow Melvyn to ‘power up’ some of his cards!

Many of Melvyn’s cards have a better effect when they are powered up with Runes – the colored scroll icons in the card’s text indicate which color(s) of Rune(s) are needed. There is also a four-color scroll icon, which means any Rune can be used. To use a Rune to power up a card, simply discard that Rune as you play the card! If a power-up cost involves multiple Runes, you must discard all of the Runes listed for that ability.

This curious calligrapher is a skillful and flexible gambler, with plenty of ways to make the most out of a round! To really get the best play out of Melvyn, you need to generate and spend Runes wisely. He reveals at least one per turn, so while you may want to save them up, hoarding them will leave some of Melvyn’s best card effects unused.

These rewards go ‘live’ as of today – if you’ve already earned the points you need for them, we’ll be getting them to you in a couple of weeks! If you’ve moved since the last time you earned a SlugCrew reward, please email us right away to let us know at

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