Online SlugCrew Events Extended

Hello SlugCrew,

With new surges in Covid-19 cases underway, we will be extending the allowances for online SlugCrew events into the forseeable future.

Making Online Events

Please see our previous news post for instructions on how to run a SlugCrew event online! Everything about that post still applies, except for the end date, of course, which has been extended.

Make sure you take a look at the provided example and follow it as best you can in your event creation and reporting!

SlugCrew Rewards Extended

With movement and gatherings restricted for so long, we are also extending the period of time that SlugCrew can earn the 2020 Minor Reward promos and Melvyn the Minotaur.

SlugCrew will be able to earn these rewards into 2021. An exact cut-off date is not currently available. Rest assured, we want you to have a fair length of time to earn the 2020 rewards in, regardless of the circumstances.

Stay Safe!

Please measure the risks in your area carefully before deciding to schedule an in-person demo event, and use the full assortment of recommended precautions if you do. Now is a great time to develop the skills you need to run a great game over a digital medium!

Hopefully soon we can all go back to providing great in-store, in-person gaming together. In the meantime, stay safe, and game on!

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