OP Reopens and Season 7 Begins

Store Event Kit Ordering Re-Opens August 1st

With stores reopening, and vaccination for COVID-19 reaching a majority of the US population, we feel that it’s finally safe enough to start encouraging fans of our games to meet at their favorite local game stores and play!

On August 1st, kit ordering will be available once more for all of our Store Event programs, including Organized Play and Tavern League. Tell your local retailer the good news, and point them to our website if they’d like to order event kits!

And there’s one more bit of news that’s fit to share…

Season 7 Begins August 1st!

Originally scheduled to begin in January of 2020, we’re pleased to finally bring a new season of Organized Play out into the open! Just like in previous seasons, a Season 7 OP Kit contains enough material to support two Red Dragon Inn tournaments, with prizes for up to 20 people.

The Premium and Participation Promo Prizes!

The contents of a Season 7 kit don’t stop at fun new promos! We’ve brought back the delightfully hefty winner’s coins from Season 6 (updated for the new number, of course). The kit also includes door prizes, to be given at the tournament organizer’s discretion; a pair of Fortitude and Alcohol Content coins, and a random RDI-themed drink coaster!

Winner Coin designed by Brian Patterson (D20 Monkey), and manufactured by our friends at Campaign Coins.

And before you go…

If tournaments aren’t your style, there’s a new(ish) Store Event program with you in mind; Red Dragon Inn Tavern League! With Tavern League, you get to play casual games in an easygoing environment, with multiple events per league season so you can keep returning to your favorite shop to play RDI.

There isn’t a new season of Tavern League (yet!), but the original launch of the program was close enough to the shutdown that we thought a reminder would be in order.

Curious about this more laid-back way to play some prize-supported RDI? Check out the Tavern League page for more information!

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