Tavern League

What is Tavern League?

The Red Dragon Inn Tavern League is a casual play format for The Red Dragon Inn built to get people together for a regular game night in their FLGS! Tavern League play is not a tournament. Unlike a ‘one and done’ tournament, the League format will support four or more connected events for a flexible length of time. Take it easy, play a few games, and earn fun prizes on the way!

Interested in playing casual games of RDI and getting cool promotional swag? Encourage your local game store to visit this site and order a Tavern League Kit!

Want to increase store traffic and promote sales? Order a Tavern League Kit today! For $15, you will receive prize support for one long term RDI League!

If you help a store run their Tavern League, you can earn the League’s promo cards and earn SlugCrew points! Contact your local game store and tell them about Tavern League!

This first Season of Tavern League is all about Bringing the Party Together, with rewards for bringing your friends to play and for being a sporting player. So pull up a chair, invite some folks to join you, and spend a few nights (or days, we won’t judge) sharing some games and some laughs. If your community is less competitive and more relaxed, RDI Tavern League is right for you!

Tavern League Kits

Season One Tavern League Kits – Bringing the Party Together! These kits contain an assortment of prizes to lay out a breadcrumb trail that rewards players for showing up to multiple events:

  • Promo Card Pack (40 Cards, 20 Participation, 20 Finisher)
  • A poster for advertising your events
  • Copies of the Tavern League Rules documents
  • League Organizer tracking sheets
  • Player Tracking sheets
  • 20 Finisher Stickers
  • Four Special Award Stickers (League Organizer, Biggest Drink, Best Recruiter, Best Sport)

Tavern League is only available through our website.

The Fine Print: Players, Host Stores and League Organizers are expected to know and abide by the RDI Tavern League Rules documents. Failure to do so will result in the loss of kit ordering privileges. The most up-to-date documents can be found on this page. SlugFest Games reserves the right to change or terminate Tavern League without notice.

Contact Us: support@slugfestgames.com

Get the Tavern League Docs:

RDI Tavern League Rules (PDF, 600.8 K)

Tavern League Rules Enforcement (PDF, 525.1 K)

Tavern League Prize Distribution Guidelines (PDF, 274.3 K)

League Organizer Tracker

League Player Tracker

Get the Game Rules:

The Red Dragon Inn 1 (PDF, 1.6 M)

The Red Dragon Inn 2 (PDF, 1.8 M)

The Red Dragon Inn 3 (PDF, 1.8 M)

The Red Dragon Inn 3 Extra Rules (PDF, 2.5 M)

The Red Dragon Inn 4 (PDF, 1.9 M)

The Red Dragon Inn 4 Extra Rules (PDF, 1.0 M)

The Red Dragon Inn 5 (PDF, 1.7 M)

The Red Dragon Inn 5 Extra Rules (PDF, 1.1 M)

The Red Dragon Inn 6 (PDF, 2.6 M)

The Red Dragon Inn 7 (PDF, 4.0 M)

The Red Dragon Inn 8 (PDF, 3.0 M)

RDI Allies: Pooky (PDF, 2.8 M)

RDI Allies: Erin (PDF, 4.0 M)

RDI Allies: Cormac (PDF, 1.1 M)

RDI Allies: Natyli (PDF, 3.7 M)

RDI Allies: Ozrik (PDF, 753.0 K)

RDI Allies: Bastian (PDF, 822.1 K)

RDI Allies: Halden (PDF, 2.0 M)

RDI Allies: Zariah (PDF, 1.0 M)

RDI Allies: Wrench (PDF, 1.4 M)

RDI Allies: Keet & Nitrel (PDF, 999.6 K)

RDI Allies: Adonis vs The Lich King (PDF, 897.3 K)

RDI Allies: Spyke & Flower (PDF, 2.8 M)

RDI Allies: Ohava vs Murgath (PDF, 590.4 K)

RDI Allies: Piper vs Ripsnarl (PDF, 1.3 M)

RDI Allies: Evil Pooky and Epic Pooky (PDF, 1.5 M)

RDI Smorgasbox: Roxana and Otto (PDF, 1.7 M)

RDI: Gambling? I'm In! (PDF, 8.4 M)

Gambling? I'm In! inside of RDI (PDF, 264.7 K)

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