Announcing Tales from the RDI

Many times, for many years, it has been asked ‘Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a dungeon crawl game based on The Red Dragon Inn?’ It’s a question we’ve heard many times from fans like you! It’s a question we’ve lingered on, rubbing our chins thoughtfully and musing about how it would be cool, indeed.

Now all of the musing is over, and we can show you what we’ve been working on to make everyone’s RDI dungeon crawl dreams a reality!

Sometimes the adventurers who frequent the titular Red Dragon Inn have to -gasp- do some actual adventuring! So put down your flagons and pick up your swords, because Tales will put you in the role of one of our beloved characters as they do their day job – being big damn heroes!

You’ll be able to play through a story-rich campaign, leveling up and expanding your arsenal along the way. Each scenario will place you into conflict with deadly schemers, present you with vital objectives, and test you with tactical challenges!

Where there’s maps…there’s minis!

So what are you waiting for?

Check out the Kickstarter project preview now!

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