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Why are we thanking you?  It’s because you guys are so awesome we have to move forward with an early reprint of Red Dragon Inn 3 and another of Red Dragon Inn 1!  As part of this reprint, we decided to do a few updates to the rules and card with more clarifications that fix some problems we have come across.

You can download the new rules here:

Red Dragon Inn 1

Red Dragon Inn 2

Red Dragon Inn 3

Red Dragon Inn 3: Character Rules

Card Errata:

As we where playtesting for upcoming releases, we ran into a few holes that made certain card interactions a bit too strange.  None of these changes affect the power level of the cards (unlike our Errata Buff to Eve we talked about earlier), but instead just clarify the intent of the card.

1)  “Lay on Hands” now reads:

This is simply to clarify that Serena’s piety depends on whether or not she chooses to take Gold.  Whether or not she actually gets any Gold is irrelevant.  An example situation where this could be a problem is if Serena plays this card on Eve and chooses to take Gold, and Eve plays Illusionary Coin.  Even though Serena receives no Gold, her Piety still goes down by 2.

2) “I need some Private Pixie Time” now reads:

The intent here is to clarify that you can’t target Kaylin with effects that she will Ignore.  For example, Dimli can’t pass her a Drink with “You have this. I’m waiting for the good stuff!” in order to dump the Drink.

3)  “Here ya go… This’ll make that drink better!” now reads:

No change here except that the card now uses the correct art!  Observant SlugFans will notice that the first printing of RDI 3 had the same art for both this card and “This’ll give that drink a little extra kick!” This was a plain old mistake on our part that we’re fixing in the second printing.

One other small change for the new printing: the Drink Deck now uses the card back design from RDI 1.  This is to allow you to mix-and-match Drink Cards, if you’d like.  Want to play with 6 Drinking Contests?  Go right ahead.  We just recommend that you keep your deck to about 30 cards, so that Gold will gradually leave the game when the Drink Deck runs out.

To allow you to separate your Drink Deck back out after play, the new printing of RDI 3 also includes a small “3” in the bottom right corner of each Drink Card.

This change also allows us to have promotional drink cards or include individual cards in later releases.

Rules Changes:

“Getting Started”: now specifies that 2-player games start with 8 Gold each rather than 10.  With 10 Gold, we found that it was nearly impossible, even for a strong money-stealing character, to win on Gold.  Changing the starting Gold to 8 makes for many more interesting decisions in 2-player games.

“Sometimes and Anytime Cards”: now specifies that you may play relevant Sometimes and Anytime Cards in a Phase before the special action for that Phase.  So, if you’re playing first and you happen to have “Tip the Wench” in your opening hand, go ahead and play it before you discard and draw!

“Running out of Gold During Gambling”: now clarifies that the rule about other players not having to ante doesn’t apply if you get out of having to pay with a card like “Illusionary coin”.  For the purposes of this rule, playing “Illusionary coin” counts as anteing, so the other players have to ante, too.

“Minimum and Maximum Fortitude, Alcohol Content, Gold”: in the RDI 3 rules, this example was wrong!  “You’re looking a little green. Drink this.” makes the target lose 3 AC and pay Phrenk 2 Gold.

“Negate and Ignore Effects”: the new last paragraph of this section specifies that you can’t Ignore someone else’s Drink.  For example, Serena can’t Ignore another player’s Drink to raise her Piety with “This is not in the Paladin’s Codex”.  Similarly, Erin can’t Ignore another player’s Drink in order to change into her Bear Form.

Wait, what!?  Who’s Erin!?¡

Uh oh!  Did I just let slip a spoiler?  OK, it’s not a big secret.  In fact, we mentioned Erin on this very blog about 3 months ago.  Look for her (and Pooky) at GenCon this summer!

Anyway, I digress.  On to more rules changes!

“Timing”: we made two changes here.  First, we removed the concept of the “Negate window”.  In the revised rules that came out with the release of RDI 3, we decided to structure responses to cards by saying that first you have a chance to Negate the card, then you have a chance to do anything else to it.  After a bunch more playtesting, we’ve decided that we don’t like this change, so we removed it.

Example: Wizgille reveals Water as her Drink.  Phrenk spikes it with all three of his spike cards, plus Poison.  After all the Drink modifiers resolve, Wizgille plays “I didn’t activate my temporal dilation field. It’s just deja vu” to Negate the spiked Drink.  (Under the original RDI 3 rules, this play was not allowed, since the Negate window for her Water had already passed.)

The second change we made under “Timing” was to clarify the order in which responses are allowed.  The previous version of the rules just specified “turn order”.  The new version specifies that this turn order begins with the person who played or revealed the card.

Example: Gerki reveals Wine as his Drink.  He has “Dump it on the floor” in his hand, but chooses not to play it (since he has the first chance to respond).  Dimli plays “Spike it with firewater”.  After that resolves, Gerki has another opportunity to dump the Drink.

Example: Gerki reveals Wine and has “Dump it on the floor”, as before. Gerki has the first chance to respond and chooses not to play anything.  This time, Dimli and the other players also choose not to play anything.  Since no player has a response, Gerki’s Wine resolves.  At this point, it is too late for Gerki to choose to dump the Drink.

“Drinking Contest”: now clarifies that you discard Drinks after you drink them.  This can be relevant if the Drink Deck runs out during a multi-round Drinking Contest.

Also under “Drinking Contest”, we now specify that a Drink that makes you lose AC counts as a 0 for the purposes of a Drinking Contest.

Wizgille Rules: removed references to the now-nonexistent Negate window.

Kaylin Rules: now clarifies that effects like Wulfric’s “Clumsy” do not alter the AC of a Drink.  They just alter the effect Kaylin takes from that Drink.  (This is relevant for a Drinking Contest, for example.)

We also changed the copyright date to 2012, and we added edition information so that you can quickly check that you have the most up-to-date version of the rules.  So, for example, at the end of the RDI 3 rules, you’ll see “The Red Dragon Inn 3, Second Edition”.

That’s it!  Please go ahead and download the new rules docs from our website.  And, until next time, SlugFest Rules!

– Jeff Morrow

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