GAMA Digs SlugFest Games!

Huzzah!  High Noon Saloon and Red Dragon Inn: 3!

We have gotten such good feedback about Red Dragon Inn: 3 and High Noon Saloon that they are both now up for the Origins Awards!  For those who don’t know, hundreds of games are sent to GAMA to compete for this award in various categories such as Best Board Game or Best Traditional Card Game.  Of these hundreds of games only ten games from each category make it to the Shortlist.  That Shortlist is then offered up to brick and mortar retailers to vote on which five games make the cut to the Nominee List.  If you are good enough to make it to the Nominee List you then are a featured game at the Origins Game Fair, where thousands of gamers will cast their vote for who really takes home the prize!

So thank you GAMA and thank you brick and mortar retailers for supporting SlugFest Games and spreading the fun!  It is an honor to even make it to the Shortlist, and you guys deemed our games fun enough to be a worthy Nominee.

Thank you!

– Sam Waller, VP SlugFest Games

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