One Month left for the RDI Design Contest!



Attention SlugFans!

Submissions to the Red Dragon Inn Design Contest are due at the end of December. That means you have only one month left to get your designs and forms in to us in time to be counted! We’ve already received a number of great submissions and cannot wait to see what you’ve cooked up yourself!

Remember, your submission must include:

  • A signed Contest Waiver. Any character design submitted without a signed waiver will be immediately discarded.
  • Your submission must include a brief description of your character. Who is he/she? What does he/she look like? How does he/she act? Why was he/she invited to join The Party?
  • Your submission must include a PDF that we can use to print and test your character. We recommend 2.5 x 3.5 cards, 9 to a page. And if your character uses special rules or mechanics, include a write-up of them.
  • Send your signed waiver, description and cards to, with the subject line: “RDI Design Contest”.

A couple of you have asked how you format a PDF for us. A simple word file saved as a PDF works great! The cards don’t necessarily need to be full size, just easily laid out so they can be dropped into sleeves and playtested!

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