New Drinks for the Guide to Inns and Taverns

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The Guide to Inns and Taverns is our comprehensive guide to adding interesting locations to your campaigns so your adventurers can eat, drink and be merry! Part of that book was including a complete list of all of the specialty drinks you could find at the Red Dragon Inn. In order to keep that list up to date, here are the two official drinks that were released as promos through the Red Dragon Inn 4 Kickstarter.

A little confused about terms like “alcohol effect”? In addition to the detailed stat blocks for these and various other drinks, we also included in-depth rules for how characters get inebriated during a round of drinking. This includes new Pathfinder compatible conditions, rules about sobering up, hangovers, and how magic and alcohol mix (or don’t!). You can find out more about The Guide here. So, without further ado, on to those new drinks!

Type: Poison (alcoholic), Ingested
Serving: tankard (traditionally made of horn)
Price: 16 cp/tankard; 32 sp/bottle; 148 gp/keg
Save: Fortitude DC 30 negates Alcohol Effect
Alcohol Effect: gain two levels of intoxicated
Craft: Mundane beer or spirit, common ingredients

Chieftain’s Ice Beer is a right of passage for men and women of the northern barbarian kingdom. Legend tells that the Chieftains of old would meet over a fresh batch of Ice Beer, challenging one another to a drinking contest. The young Chief Killian, as the story goes, not only bested all challengers, but never felt the ill effects of the brew on the morning after. Killian would later become the Chief of Chiefs, and his clan’s recipe for Ice Beer became the standard among the tribes. Brewed by fermenting steppe vegetables and then allowing the water content to freeze off, this “beer” is more of a distilled spirit. The remaining liquor is then mixed with various spices, sampled, and diluted with water again to create a refreshing yet full-bodied beverage. Boys and girls among the barbarian tribes drink this brew to prove their vigor.

Type: Poison (alcoholic), Ingested
Serving: cup
Price: 5 gp/cup; 25 gp/bottle; 150 gp/6 bottle case
Save: Fortitude DC 15 negates Alcohol Effect and Effect
Alcohol Effect: gain one level of intoxicated
Effect: Once, while the creature remains intoxicated, they may cast a 0-level spell as though it was affected by the Empowered Spell (Metamagic) feat. Doing so immediately reduces the creature’s level of intoxication by one. If this causes the creature to become sober, then the creature must make a hangover check with +5 Difficulty.
Craft: Craft (Alchemy) DC 20

Witchdoctor Brew is a powerful alcohol brewed exclusively in a small valley that is the home to a tribe of “civilized” trolls. While they do not typically practice their traditional arts nowadays, they have adapted many of them for more sophisticated crafts. The origins of this ale hail from a deep shamanic tradition of crafting potions that would poison the body and liberate the spirit. While most folk don’t have the constitution to survive the troll’s more potent beverages, the tribe asserts that Witchdoctor Brew is perfectly safe-ish.

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