Cormac the Mighty

Cormac the Mighty

Kormac_8_croppedCormac hails from the frozen lands of the north, a harsh and demanding countryside that yields a hardy and proud people. For generations, the factious barbarian tribes would wage war over the few available resources. To make matters worse, the lands were rife with all sorts of monsters – not to mention the Ice Giants who would invade regularly from high in the mountains.

That was until Cormac’s grandfather, Killian, raised an army and with it conquered the other tribes. As each tribe fell he offered their leaders a place in his tent. In time he built an alliance strong enough to end the petty squabbles. Killian forged a time of peace, drawing together many banners under one ruling council. Songs of the valor and wisdom of Killian the Tribeforger are still sung in the halls of Cormac’s people.

Cormac’s mother, Navlyn, had her turn to earn a place in legend. The peace brought on by Killian and the council was broken when the Ice Giants of the mountains descended upon the tribes. United under a common banner and with Navlyn’s leadership the barbarian tribes waged war against the giants. Even bards from the kingdoms to the south know the stories of the one-armed barbarian queen Navlyn the Giantslayer. After defeating the Ice Giants, Navlyn’s warriors vanquished the remaining monsters that still plagued the north lands, guaranteeing a lasting peace for the barbarian tribes.

In Cormac’s lifetime, there have been no great wars to fight or harrowing beasts to slay. The “barbarians” have settled down – ending hundreds of years of nomadic tradition. The people started to keep cattle and cultivate the land where they used to hunt and forage for food. They even started constructing walled cities!

Cormac was raised on the songs of his kin. He was fascinated by the the stories of warrior-chieftains, and especially the accounts of his mother’s and grandfather’s deeds. Cormac longed for the warrior’s way of life but found himself spending his days as a chieftain’s son, presiding over council meetings and discussing trade agreements. This would not do! Cormac, Son of Navlyn declared that he would be known as Cormac the Mighty. He struck out into the world to make his name, following in the traditions of his ancestors.

Over five years, his quest took him far to the south. He slew dragons and giants alike, and earned his self-proclaimed title. Yet he never believed that he accomplished anything worthy of his mother’s or grandfather’s legacy. His quest lost its meaning. Cormac was a hollow and misguided man when the party met him. He had become a drunkard and a brawler… fighting in pits for the amusement of others. Deirdre took pity on this once-great warrior. Seeing the spark of adventure dimming in his eyes she insisted that he come along with them on their next quest. Journeying with the party rekindled Cormac’s pride, and with it his ferocity and prowess. He had found new purpose, and companions who were his equal.

Cormac the Mighty does not know if there will be songs sung of his adventures when he returns one day to take his mother’s place as chieftain – but he does know that the band of heroes he journeys with is worthy of them.

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