First Mate Remy

First Mate Remy

R6_croppedYears ago, across the Great Sea, Remy was a soldier and deckhand on a mighty warship. When the crew of this ship, weary of ceaseless battles, mutinied, Remy’s honor demanded he draw his sword in defense of the officers. The mutiny succeeded, Remy found himself in the brig, and the new crew turned the ship towards the open sea… with hopes to find the fabled lands of the West. The journey was plagued by storms and rough seas, but it was a kraken that spelled its final doom. Somehow, Remy survived, but was left alone, adrift on the waves.

Fate smiled on Remy. He found himself aboard a foreign ship surrounded by sailors from lands he did not know. He pledged to serve the men who rescued him. Alas, fate can be tricky; Remy had been picked up by pirates… and his honor demanded that he be a pirate as well.

Remy spent years serving as a pirate, proving his mettle and loyalty, and eventually earning a place at the captain’s side. He despised what he had become. There was no satisfaction or honor in preying on the weak, in murdering merchants and other sailors for their gold or cargo. But he had no choice.

Then he met Elizabeth Whitehawk. Something about her struck him and for the first time ever (and last time since), he chose to break an oath. He sided with Elizabeth and helped her defeat the pirate crew. This time he was the mutineer!

Remy has been serving as First Mate to Captain Whitehawk ever since. He still longs to return to his home in the east, but even if he could find a ship and captain able to make the crossing, he doesn’t know if he would be welcomed or put to death as a mutineer… and this conflict weighs heavy on him always.


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