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The Red Dragon Inn: Allies Brother Bastian and Ozrik the Adept are now available at your favorite retailer. Now is your chance to add these new player characters to your favorite copy of The Red Dragon Inn!

Not familiar with Allies? They are single character expansions to any of the four character box sets of The Red Dragon Inn. Each of them include their own player board, deck and bits to add an additional player to your game. They are compatible with any set, just like all of the Red Dragon Inn characters!

Can’t wait, and have to order them now? Check them out on the Red Dragon Inn Products Page!

Brother Bastian

BB06 color_final_2Brother Bastian was a member of a severe sect devoted to Korash, the god of justice and light. When he learned of an orc masquerading as a paladin of his god, he was furious. But upon meeting her, he realized that this orc was no imposter and that there was more to Korash than he had been taught.

The Good: Brother Bastian knows many powerful prayers and knows exactly when to use each one.

The Bad: Unfortunately, because he knows so many prayers, you never know what he’s planning next.

Brother Bastian introduces a new prayer mechanic to the game, letting him make sacrifices to earn powerful card effects! You can find out more about Brother Bastian on our blog post about his mechanics: Playing Brother Bastian.

Ozrik the Adept

Ozrik_12_2After years spent in the pursuit of elemental power during which Ozrik caused a great deal of damage, he realized he had literally burned bridges behind him. Now he travels the world as an adventurer. He’s still causing damage… only now he’s doing it for the right reasons!

The Good: Ozrik’s phenomenal control of the elements is useful versus undead, monstrous humanoids, and other evil dungeon dwellers.

The Bad: Side effects for Ozrik’s companions may include spontaneous combustion, static discharge, and clammy hands.

Ozrik literally burns (okay, discards) cards from his hand to get more power! With his technicolor deck, he can harness the elements to do his bidding, and serve up a nasty drink or two! You can find out more about Ozrik the Adept on our blog post about his mechanics: Playing Ozrik the Adept.

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