Playing Ozrik the Adept

ElementsInAMugHey SlugFans!

SlugFest Games is proud to announce the first of our Red Dragon Inn: Allies for 2014: Ozrik the Adept!

Ozrik is a powerful elementalist with the ability to burn cards from his hand to bolster the effects of cards which he is playing. Don’t need that Gambling card or Ignore Drink? Burn them on your Action to really beef up your attack! The tricky thing, however, is that Ozrik can’t just burn any cards he wants. He’ll need to discard color-matched sets for bonus he wants to get.

ElementFanTo help him manage his hand, Ozrik also introduces a heavy reliance on a mechanic that has been fairly rare in Red Dragon Inn: Card Draw. Many of Ozrik’s abilities allow him to draw additional cards so he can try to tailor his hand to the combos in his deck.

CardSpoilerOzrikAll of this power comes at a dire price though! Ozrik is absolutely terrible at gambling. He has, in total, five Gambling cards in his deck! So if players decide to throw down across multiple games of chance, you’ll see Ozrik scrambling to conjure up as much emergency gold as he can muster!

Ozrik was our first character released early to our demo team through the SlugCrew program, and they can tell you he’s a lot of fun to play. Like all of our Allies Ozrik is an advanced deck that provides you with a brand new mechanic that seriously changes how you have to approach playing The Red Dragon Inn. You can find out more information, and find Ozrik’s rules on his product page.

Happy gaming!

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