Witchdoctor Natyli

Witchdoctor Natyli

Natyli and Phrenk both hail from a tribe of surprisingly civilized trolls. Phrenk was intrigued by The Party when he found them to be very reasonable people, willing to see through typical racial stereotypes. He decided to join them after they helped negotiate a peace between his tribe and the humans who began taking residence in a nearby valley. He’s been brewing potions and sharing the alchemical science of his tribe with the Party ever since.

Natyli is an adolescent troll with a gift for her tribe’s ancestral magic. While the tribe no longer adheres to these old ways anymore, a few of the elder trolls still practiced the traditional magic. It was unexpected to find a child born who was so capable with the magic; Natyli did not have to study very hard to master the old curses, jinxes, and hexes. As she grew older, and more imaginative, she found that she could have a great deal of fun by playing tricks on her tribemates.


Days would go by where she would do nothing but sew together detailed effigies of her friends and “enemies” and arrange them into elaborate situations for her amusement. While she was careful not to cause any lasting harm – and remember, “lasting harm” for Trolls is often lethal for less durable folk – she certainly was not winning any favor amongst the tribe. She often found herself being ridiculed and punished by her seniors, only to not learn her lesson and go back to seeking revenge with her voodoo. Tensions between the tribe and Natyli escalated, and talk of exile started to be whispered between the older trolls. Still, Natyli was too naive to consider the ramifications of her actions, as she kept making trouble. Even the elders who had been so pleased to see a child who could continue the traditions acknowledged the need to take action.

In the years while Phrenk was with the party, he had traveled quite nearly across the entire continent and been part of more adventures than he could easily keep track off. Whenever he could he would visit the tribe and tell grand stories of his journeys. Natyli loved the tales of adventure and far away lands. She always wanted to hear more. While he was spending time with the elders, Phrenk learned about what a little terror his niece had been with her witchdoctor magic, and a brilliant idea struck the grizzled troll. To save his niece the shame of exile, he elected to take responsibility for her, and invited her to join The Party on their adventures, a deal Natyli and the tribe overwhelmingly agreed to.

In Phrenk’s opinion, Natyli will grow out of her current “do unto others before they do unto you” phase soon enough. But for now, she can put her imagination and talent to use in a more productive way, hexing monsters and helping defeat villains. Of course, that doesn’t stop her from turning her magic on The Party from time to time. But they’re used to troublesome party members; after all, Serena and Gog were way more trouble when they first joined the party. Or, at least that’s what they keep telling themselves!


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