Introducing Dungeon Decorators!

SlugFest Games is thrilled to announce a great game that we’ve been working on for the past year! Dungeon Decorators is a “light euro” tile-drafting strategy game designed by Jeff LaFlam, and it launches on Kickstarter on October 7!

In this game, you are a dungeon decorator – basically an interior designer specializing in epic villainous lairs. The strongest villains in the land have hired you to design their evil hideout, so you’d better not disappoint them!

Two to four players compete to design the best dungeon. You’ll be drafting tiles to build your dungeon, then scoring points based on the goal cards you play.

On your turn, you will draft a new dungeon tile, then place it in your dungeon or store it for later. Then, if your dungeon meets one or more of the conditions on your goal cards, you may play those cards and score points.

One of the most interesting mechanics in the game is that the tile you select in one round affects your pick order in the next round! So you can get that very strong tile if you want, but that could mean that you’ll be picking last when the next set of tiles comes up.

We’re excited about Dungeon Decorators because it hits a very nice sweet spot of short-but-still-interesting game play. A game takes about an hour (less once you know how to play!), and you’ll have lots of small, impactful and interesting decisions in that hour. But you don’t have to take our word for it! The game is available to try on Tabletop Simulator! (Tabletop Simulator is a software package for creating and playing tabletop games. It is available for $20 on Steam.)

Once again, Dungeon Decorators launches on Kickstarter on October 7. Sign up for our mailing list if you’d like to be informed when the campaign goes live!

Update: The Dungeon Decorators Kickstarter is LIVE! Go check it out!

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