Who Let the Kobold Into the Inn!?

WrenchHeaderHey SlugFans!

We are pleased to announce that the SlugCrew Major Reward for 2014 has gone to his limited print run! If you have already qualified for your Major Reward this year, you can expect to find this timid little fellow showing up in your mailbox this month! And if you haven’t earned him yet, keep reporting! This little kobold is a blast to play and is our most ambitious character yet!

Wrench was always interested in gadgets and engineering. Although there is evidence that that was common among kobolds thousands of years ago, it is quite rare now. Wrench, however, has spent his life studying the work of non-kobold beings, poring over their manuals and periodicals whenever he could. His research led him to the illustrious works of Wizgille, and he decided that he had to meet her and see more of her work. Eventually he impressed Wizgille and the others enough that he started getting invited along on certain adventures, where his gadgets have proven useful.

WrenchSpoilerWrench will not be available until 2015, so if you want to play with him now you’ll have to earn him in our SlugCrew Program or meet SlugFest Games at one of the events we are attending. Follow us on Facebook to find out when we’ll be coming to a convention or game night near you!

We know you are hungry to find out who the second Ally for 2014 is! Stay tuned for updates next week!

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