The Magnificent Adonis Joins the Party!

The Magnificent Adonis, Bard of the Ages (a title of his own making) will be joining The Party this holiday season. This hulking powerhouse with an angel’s voice is ready to singing ballads and beat some friends – er – drums, but what talents does our oiled up he-man actually bring to the table (besides a massive ego)? Glad you asked!

Adonis is a our bardic barbarian (or bardbarian) and brings some serious beefcake as well as a handful of tricks to the table. While he may not be the brightest flute in the orchestra, he is certainly the loudest, and enjoys his drinking and leaving drumstick-shaped impressions on his friends. While he’s nowhere near as good with his coin or wordplay as Fleck, his showmanship and physique more than make up for it.

Adonis begins the game with three instrument tokens: his flute, lyre and drum. Unfortunately, he usually ends the game with three broken instruments!

Why is Adonis breaking his instruments left, right and center? Well, besides the fact that they are seriously too small and dainty for him, it’s usually because he simply has gotten carried away with his performances, or needs to let off some barbarian-levels of steam. Many of Adonis’ cards gain a slight benefit from him keeping his instruments intact, as denoted by the instrument icon in the textbox of the card. These gentle buffs allow him keep up with the rest of the partygoers at the tavern.

However, many of his other cards have a significant bonus when he SMASHES his instruments! Each card that has a SMASH effect dramatically increases the power of the ability. However, smashing one or more of his instruments will mean he no longer benefits from the passive bonuses on his other cards.

Carefully managing when and how many of your instruments you break will be key to winning or losing as Adonis. While he does have a handful of ways to replace them, they are few and far between, and you’ll have to play with some pretty sub-par cards until you can replace them.

The Red Dragon Inn: Allies – Adonis vs. the Lich King is available for pre-order right now! Don’t miss out on bringing both of these characters to the party.

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