Bastian Wins the 2017 Doppelganger Tournament!

Hello SlugFans, we had a great time at this year’s historic Gen Con 50, and a part of that experience was our annual Doppelganger tournament with 92 enthusiastic players! What’s a doppelganger tournament, you ask? Well, the first round of this elimination tournament consists of people playing against other copies of the same character to determine who is the “real” Fiona, the “real” Lizwick, the “real” Phrenk, etc.

After that, round two was six randomly-assigned tables of adventurers:

Table 1: Phrenk hustled his potions and came out ahead.

Winner: Phrenk – Kelly Overholser
Zot – Carl Haggman
Pooky – Alex Rippke
Chronos – Bryan Strahm
Eve – Sebastian Cuellar
Nitrel – Hunter Woofter

Table 2: Bastian kept his faith, surprisingly at ease in a tavern…

Winner: Bastian – Rachel McCartney
Amundyr – Anthony Sanders
Remy – Hysam Halabi
Ozrik – Tim Shaw
Zakhan – Ryan Walczyk
Fleck – Shelby Phelps

Table 3: Kaylin’s pixie magic and moody wolf pal won the night!

Winner: Kaylin – Jim Sutherin
Sera – Bill Wieringa
Cormac – Joe Rothenberger
Keet – David Kowalski
Deirdre – Charles Schaefer
Captain – Kyle Erickson

Table 4: Lizwick brought several pounds of prevention, and victory was the cure.

Winner: Lizwick – Sarah Brun
Fiona – Tyler Zigon
Gerki – Trine Owen
Gog – Christopher Sigler
Wizgille – Shane Voegerl
Natyli – Liam Robinson

Table 5: Bryn brought her winning attitude (and huge cannon) to the match.

Winner: Bryn – Tara Ellinghaus
Halden – Antonio Godinez
Tara – Shino Takahashi
Daareka – Matt Owen
Wrench – Christine Eason
Zariah – Isaac Payne

Table 6: Torglesnarf reigned supreme over his competition!

Winner: Torglesnarf – Mark O’Brien
Erin – Nathan Stephens
Serena – William Martinez
Dimli – Christine Nolen
Vlazlo – Carey Anderson
Joran – Nathan Jones


Lizwick was the first player eliminated, perhaps a little over-prepared for the table. Torglesnarf followed soon after, taking a beating his minions couldn’t absorb for him. Bryn played a tough game, but was out third. This left Kaylin, Bastian, and Phrenk at the table, but Kaylin and Phrenk both experienced a mutual loss from a crazy drinking contest that pushed them both out of the game at the same time, leaving Bastian the final winner!

Congratulations to Rachel McCartney and Bastian, winners of the 2017 Doppelganger tournament at Gen Con’s Golden (Dragon) Anniversary!

1st Place: Bastian – Rachel McCartney
2nd/3rd Place: Kaylin – Jim Sutherin & Phrenk – Kelly Overholser
4th Place: Bryn – Tara Ellinghaus
5th Place: Torglesnarf – Mark O’Brien
6th Place: Lizwick – Sarah Brun

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