So What Happened to the RDI 1 and 3 Restock?

Bad news everyone!

On July 16, 2012 at 5:30 AM the tractor trailer carrying the fourth print run of RDI 1 and the second print run of RDI 3 was stolen from its holding yard in Shorewood, Illinois. The shipment was destined for delivery in Fort Wayne, Indiana where it would then ship out to distributors and ultimately brick and mortar stores the following week. As of this writing, neither the tractor nor the trailer has been recovered, which is a huge hit to us at SlugFest Games as we will not be able to have RDI 1 or RDI 3 available at Gen Con. The worst part was that we were literally one day’s drive from having everything safely in our care!

We will have RDI 2 and both of the new Allies expansions available at Gen Con, and plan on continuing to uphold our traditional price breaks for people looking to buy multiple sets. We will be accepting pre-orders for both RDI 1 and 3 throughout the con and on our website. We have already worked out a replacement print run and will be able to ship pre-orders on October 4th.

So, while we are already moving to deal with this loss by reprinting the stolen games, we’re in an unfortunate situation. We hope that our fans can and will understand… and that our orders at Gen Con will be (mostly) unaffected by this debacle. If you would like to help us out we would appreciate it. Please spread the word about the theft, feel free to pre-order our games, and maybe check out our Kickstarter.

Happy Gaming!

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