Deluxe RDI Boards!

Deluxe RDI Board

We are happy to to say that one of our friends and former SlugCrew will be laser cutting brand new deluxe RDI Boards! Barry has been a huge help in advising us on our own Kickstarter, and it only seems fit to let him tell you about his own awesome project!

Lyris Laser Studio creates laser-cut board game accessories that make your games faster, more organized, easier to learn, and easier to play. We put an emphasis on attractiveness and affordability, and we keep a huge variety of designs in stock, with more being added every day!

Lyris Laser Studio is currently active on Kickstarter, raising funds to improve our equipment and introduce new designs. We’ve been working closely with our backers, taking suggestions and improving our designs. You can check out my project here:

Lyris Laser Studios – Custom Cut Board Game Accessories

Thanks for your support!

Barry Figgins is the founder and lead designer of Lyris Laser Studio. A veteran of the online gaming industry, he’s now putting his design expertise and gaming intuition to work to bring organization and quality components to gamers around the world.

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