SlugCrew Update: Adonis and Battle for Greyport

Hello, everyone! First, we need to clear up a misconception about the post a few days ago about Adonis. We’ve received word that the first sentence angered some people:

“We’re happy to announce a new Red Dragon Inn character, available only to SlugCrew for a limited time!”

Oh, English. Sometimes you’re hard to write clearly. To clarify: we don’t mean “available to SlugCrew now, then never available to anyone ever again.” We mean “available now to SlugCrew, then later available to everyone.” The stuff we wrote at the end of the article made this clearer, but we fear that some readers may have read the first paragraph and then just flipped the table. Sorry about that! Yes, Adonis will eventually be available as an RDI character available for purchase. We just don’t know exactly when yet, or in what product. But for now, the only way to get Adonis is to run SlugCrew demos.



Speaking of running demos, we have a new game coming out! The Red Dragon Inn: Battle for Greyport is our new cooperative deckbuilding game about defending the city from evil monsters, and it will be on store shelves within the next few weeks! From now until the end of January, any SlugCrew demos of Battle for Greyport will earn double SlugCrew points! This is a great way to put that copy of the game you got through Kickstarter to good use. And if you don’t have the game yet, you can ask your FLGS to contact us for a demo copy. Run some Battle for Greyport demos for us and you can earn your way to Adonis even faster.

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