Presenting The Magnificent Adonis, Bard of the Ages!

We’re happy to announce a new Red Dragon Inn character, available only to SlugCrew for a limited time! He’s a strapping young bard whose musical talent and skill in a fight made him a great addition to the adventuring party. He is, however, rather full of himself, as indicated by his flowery title (which, of course, he invented)…

The Magnificent Adonis, Bard of the Ages!


Most bards are content to stay in the back of the party and use their bardic magic to lend magical and moral support. Adonis is not “most bards”! Adonis is a fine specimen of a man who can brawl just as well as he can carry a tune. He is well aware of his prowess and he makes sure that everyone around him is aware of it, too.

How to Play Adonis

Adonis is very simple to play, but offers interesting choices during the game. In addition to his Character Deck, Adonis has three instruments – a flute, a lyre and a drum. Some cards give you a better effect if you smash an instrument, but other cards give you a better effect if a certain instrument is still intact, so choose wisely!



When you play a card that allows it, you may choose to smash an instrument for a better effect. Just choose an instrument and flip it over to its broken side. Of course you can not smash an instrument that is already smashed!

Broken Instruments

Well why wouldn’t you just smash instruments constantly, then? Two reasons: first, instruments are a limited resource. You only have the 3 instruments, and there are only 2 cards in your deck that let you replace broken instruments. Second, there are cards in Adonis’s deck that give you a better effect if a certain instrument is unbroken.

Rhythmic Beatdown

See that drum icon? That means that if your drum is unbroken when this card resolves, you get the better effect. You don’t need to smash the instrument – the better effect just happens. So choosing which ones to break and whether or not you destroy them all is critical to surviving the tavern!

And that’s it! No, really, that’s how simple it is to play this character. Just make good choices about when to smash and when not to, and you’ll be piloting Adonis to victory!

If you want to see the full rules, with examples and so forth, go here. But what you just read here covers nearly everything.

Also, There’s This…

Shredding for the Fans

Available Now to SlugCrew

To get Adonis, you need to earn 150 SlugCrew points. In general, that’s the amount of points you get for 30 hours of demos at stores or conventions (although we sometimes also give bonus points for special events). So sign up for SlugCrew and start earning those points!

Those of you following SlugCrew will notice that the previous SlugCrew character, Keet, is now available on store shelves, and has been since August. That left us in limbo, with no SlugCrew character for a couple of months. We’d like to apologize for that – it was primarily just due to poor planning on our part. We will try to improve upon this in the future.

Some of you may be asking “when will this character be available for purchase?” The honest answer is “we’re not sure yet.” The more speculative answer is “not before Gen Con 2017 and possible quite a bit after that.” We’ve got a few game ideas in the pipeline, and we’re not sure exactly where this character will fit in.

But remember, you can get Adonis right now by signing up for SlugCrew, heading to your FLGS and demoing some games! Go run some events for us and you will find yourself “gazing upon perfection”!

Gazing Upon Perfection

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