Vote on the Wicked Wench for RDI6!


The Red Dragon Inn 6: Villains Kickstarter launches on November 15th, introducing four brand-new villainous characters to the game. To celebrate the new game, we are creating a brand new Wench, one evil enough to serve pints to our new bad guys and gals. Best of all, you will decide which of our Wicked Wenches gets the job!

Cast your vote in this preliminary round by following this link or by clicking on the banner below. The two most popular wenches from this round of voting will move on to a final head-to-head vote after the Kickstarter campaign launches. The preliminary round ends November 14th, so there is no time to waste!

Find out who made it through the preliminaries on November 15th, and catch you all for RDI6: Villains!


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