Red Dragon Inn Tournament at Kublacon!

Hey SlugFans!

Over the Memorial Day Weekend Jeff and Sam from SlugFest Games attended one of our favorite local cons in the Bay Area: Kublacon. Aldo, our fulfillment guy from Impressions, was in the dealer’s hall selling our games, and a number of SlugCrew members were out running games of The Red Dragon Inn. Jeff and Sam both had proof copies of Brother Bastian, Ozrik the Adept, and Wrench on hand for pickup games. Everyone was stoked to thumb through the decks and see how they worked, and were thrilled when we visited. We always had free stuff to hand out!

The crown jewel of the weekend for SlugFest Games was the awesome RDI Tournament run by SlugCrew member Scott Boor. We had 41 sign ups for a 20 player event at the con, and were excited to see all the returning players from years past as well as brand new players. Everyone was assigned a drafting position to pick their character and the games began!

The tournament structure was pretty straightforward. There would be two rounds of grinders where players would be randomly assigned three opponents. The 5 characters who performed the best out their two match-ups (based off of their final stats when the game ended) were moved up to a finals table to win some awesome prizes.

But before we launched into the finals, we had three bonus prizes to award!  Each player earning a bonus prize took home a promo pack of drinks left over from the Kickstarter campaign as well as a fist full of Kubla Bucks that they could redeem at the convention’s prize vault. Throughout the tournament we kept track of some of the most awesome interactions, as well as drink totals, gambling pots, and player kills. So, without further ado, the winners of our Achievement Prizes:

  • The Gambler: The character who won the single largest pot of Gold in a round of Gambling was (no surprises) Fleck the Bard! He was able to swindle 16 gold from his opponents in a single take, and was able to snatch the last of Zot’s gold before he was beaten into submission.
  • The Headhunter: Appropriately, the prize for the most eliminations due to character action went to Witchdoctor Natyli. She was able to land the killing blow on 3 of her 6 opponents!
  • The Drunkard: The drunkard award was split between Gerki the Sneak and Dimli the Dwarf, each of whom consumed a 7 Alcohol Content drink! Correction: The drunkar award was split between Gerki the Sneak and First Mate Remy.

After the second round we totaled up the standings and compared each of the characters against one another. We focused on the difference between Fortitude and Alcohol Content, Gold in their stashes, and when the player was eliminated in their given match up. After the number crunching, the standings after the first two rounds were:

  1. Serena the Pious
  2. Captain Whitehawk
  3. Brewmaster Phrenk
  4. Dimli the Dwarf
  5. Wizgille the Tinkerer
  6. Fleck the Bard
  7. Witchdoctor Natyli
  8. Fiona the Volatile
  9. Gerki the Sneak
  10. Cormac the Mighty
  11. Tara the Navigator
  12. First Mate Remy
  13. Zot the Wizard (and Pooky)
  14. Deirdre the Priestess
  15. Erin the Ever-Changing
  16. Bryn the Boatswain
  17. Gog the Half-Ogre
  18. Eve the Illusionist
  19. Kaylin the Renegade (and Wulfric)
  20. Pooky

Pooky was clearly in a foul mood.

The finals table saw a party of characters that would make any Lich King tremble with fear: the resilient Dimli the Dwarf, flexible Brewmaster Phrenk, resolute Serena the Pious, commanding Captain Whitehawk, and crafty Wizgille the Tinkerer. When the dust settled after a wild night of gadgets and potions, axes and sabers, and general mayhem Phrenk was left alone. The final standings for the tournament:

  1. Brewmaster Phrenk – Jared Osburn
  2. Dimli the Dwarf – Jordon Reynolds
  3. Serena the Pious – Darin Leviloff
  4. Wizgille the Tinkerer – Shiva Oswal
  5. Captain Whitehawk – Nick Okerman

The tournament was a blast, and we hope to see more like it in the future. If you are an uber-fan and would love to run events like this, sign up for SlugCrew and introduce yourself! We love supporting gaming groups and look forward to spreading the fun to game stores and conventions near you!

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