Gencon Events Are Live!

Hey SlugFans!

Exciting news today: our Gencon events are now live and ready for registration! The handful of events that SlugFest Games personally oversees fill up pretty fast you you’ll want to register ASAP. You can find our 2014 events at the following links:

Gambling? I’m in! Events

Join Cliff Bohm and Sam Waller for one of their favorite pastimes: games of chance! Spend an evening learning and playing the  games of chance at The Red Dragon Inn. Sign up early to brush up on your game, or to learn how to play our games! Can you take on the designers in a high stakes tournament and walk away with fabulous prizes? Join us and find out!

Gambling? I’m in! is a series of games all using dice and the Rogues and Warriors deck of playing cards. Each game has a unique set of rules and allows players to play with a wide variety of variants. Players will press their luck trying to win the most gold. Each player with the largest pot will then enter into a champion’s table to determine who is the true master of games!

Doppelganger Tournament

Jeff Morrow and Sam Waller are bringing the infamous Doppelganger Tournament back! Doppelgangers have flooded The Red Dragon Inn and are posing as our beloved heroes. How do you determine who the real Fiona is from the copy? You sit all of them down for a night of gambling, roughhousing and drinking!

Each player will be dealt a random character deck who they’ll represent throughout the tournament. Players will face off in the first round against their doppelgangers (4 Fionas at table 1, 4 Zots at table 2, etc.). After the real characters are determined (by eliminating their opponents) they will sit down at tables with other victors to determine who is the most awesome adventurer for the night! Players who have been eliminated will have the chance to play pickup games throughout the event.

“What, no play with a creator?”

We didn’t schedule any Play with a Creator events this year because we will all just be at the booth running demos! If you want to sit down to a game with Cliff, Jeff or Sam then come by Booth #1849! We’ll have brand new games, unreleased character decks, and tons of answers for all your questions.

We are looking forward to seeing you all at Gencon this year!

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