RDI1 and RDI3 have Cleared US Customs!

The Red Dragon Inn 1 and The Red Dragon Inn 3 shipment has just cleared US customs and is on it’s way to our warehouse this week!As many of you know from our previous blogpost, the original restock of RDI1 and RDI3 was delayed do to skullduggery preventing us from having them available for sale at Gen Con this year. We are very thankful to our SlugFans for supporting us through pre-orders and are happy to say we will be able to fulfill those orders over the next 2-4 weeks.

On top of that, we are currently fulfilling pre-orders for both Erin the Ever-Changing and Pooky, who arrived in our warehouse last week.

Thank you for your support and stay tuned. Sam from SFG has been working on quite the report about our experience with Kickstarter and how the Guide to Inns and Taverns is turning out after two weeks of development after funding.

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