Update #9 – Last Day!

It’s the final countdown! It has been a rush and a learning experience seeing this campaign move and grow. We are extremely happy with how it kept going, and really got to see it rock!

The Final Stretch!

We are extremely happy to find more than 300 of you pledging your support. We have to raise $3,000 before 7PM PDT to hit our final stretch goal. I cannot emphasize enough about how awesome it would be to start writing adventure modules and books! If we can each get one friend to come in at even the PDF level, we can hit that $20,000 mark! Let’s do it!

You can check out our campaign here.

Premium Rewards

As an answer to one of the most asked questions, we have added these final Premium Options to our rewards. They come in at Threshold levels, meaning you have to have pledged at least the Threshold amount to unlock the option.

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