RDI Tools are Live

Try our new web-based tools!

We’re pleased to introduce our new suite of Red Dragon Inn Tools, designed to help players track their collection and spend more time gaming! Just make an account on our website and check a few boxes, and you should be ready to go.

RDI Tools are designed to work on mobile browsers for maximum convenience, so we hope you give them a try at your next game!

Collection Tracker

SHOCKING NEWS! There’s a lot of Red Dragon Inn products available, and it can be tough to remember what you have and don’t have on short notice, far away from your games collection. So the first half of the new web based Tools is a collection tracker that will remember what products you own (and thus characters you have available) for you!

Once you’ve signed up and signed in, you’ll be just a few checkbox clicks away from a fully tracked collection. Find out how it works here.

Setup Helper

Once you’ve got your collection tracked, you can use the Setup Helper to make character selection, drink deck selection, and the choice of who goes first a lightning-fast process! If you have a friend over who also uses RDI Tools, Setup Helper can even set up games using a combination of your collection and theirs.

Sound handy? Give it a try!

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