Playtesting at Black Diamond Games

Sam, Cliff, and Aldo PlaytestingOn Monday November 7th Cliff Bohm (SFG), Sam Waller (SFG), and Aldo Ghiozzi (Impressions) sat down at Black Diamond Games in Concord, CA for a few rounds of playtesting.

This last weekend has been very productive for SlugFest Games and the titles we are hoping to have out for 2012 and 2013.  Here’s a quick run-down of what we worked on (All subject to change!):

  1. “Magician’s Club” – A set management game where you play positive and negative cards infront of yourself and other players to try and gain the most audience members.  Each round the best show takes a portion of the audience, but throughout the game the other players are stealing, trading, and conniving to drag the best show down so they can get ahead.  We are hoping to have this as a 2012 release.
  2. “Arena” – A rough and dirty gladiatorial combat game where you make attacks to try and damage and push your opponent into deadly obstacles.  Built on our classic KFF fighting engine, it promises massive damage and quick turn arounds.  We are looking at a 2013 release for this one.
  3. RDI: Erin the Ever Changing – Our new druid character who shifts between elven, raven, bear, and tree forms while she weathers the chaos of the party at the Red Dragon Inn.  See her in 2012.
  4. RDI: Pooky – You may remember the extra-dimensional “bunny” familiar of Zot the Wizard from Red Dragon Inn?  Well the viciously cute and fluffy monster decided to stick around after Zot headed in for the night, and is ready and willing to show off just how sharp those fangs are.  Get eaten by him in 2012.
Every couple of weeks Cliff and I sit down with some some folks to stress test our games and see what is working, and more importantly what is fun.  We feel pretty awesome about how “Magician’s Club” has been going and we hope you will be just as excited about it as we are!
– Sam Waller, VP SlugFest Games
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