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Hi, everyone!  My name is Jeff Morrow.  I’m a game designer for SlugFest Games and an unabashed rules geek.  With assistance from fellow designer Sam Waller, I’ll be writing occasional blog posts here about the rules to various SlugFest Games and answering rules-related questions from you guys.
We have several goals with this blog:

  1. We want to make sure that as many people as possible are playing our games correctly.  Some of our games (Red Dragon Inn in particular) are rather complex and are getting more complex all the time.  We’d like to see people having fun playing our games and not arguing about how things should work or falling into rules holes all willy-nilly.
  2. We want to give you all a glimpse into the game design process.  Frankly, the world needs more really good games.  If this blog inspires someone out there to design the next great Euro-style board game or a super-fun beer-and-pretzels card game, then awesome.
  3. We hope to gather feedback from you guys about our rules systems and ways we can make them better, either in current games or in future ones.

So, if you have any rules questions you’d like answered, please let us know.  Similarly, if you have rules topics (general or specific to SlugFest) that you’d like to see us discuss here, please tell us!  You can leave comments here or email us at SlugFestGames@gmail.com.

Until next time: SlugFest Rules!

Jeff Morrow, De Facto Rules Manager

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