Season Five is Live!

For everyone who’s been waiting for the next update to our Red Dragon Inn Organized Play program, it’s available now! We’ve updated the winner’s pins again, included new promos and swapped out the swag. Let your Friendly Local Game Store know – you want to play Red Dragon Inn tournaments!


Organized Play is your opportunity to prove that you’re a tavern brawling expert in Red Dragon Inn Tournaments! These tournaments are hosted by Tournament Organizers at your local game store, giving fans of RDI a friendly place to compete for fabulous prizes.

We’ve continued to update and refine what we include in the kits, and we’re excited to share this season’s stuff with you.

The Season 5 OP Kit includes enough material to run two tournaments with the following prizes:

  • 6 copies of the Premium Promo: Berserker Brew (3 for each tournament)
  • 40 copies of the Participation Promo: Malt of Invention (20 for each tournament)
  • 2 Season 5 Winner pins awarded to the champion of each tournament
  • 2 Wild Card Prizes; 1 RDI Logo vinyl sticker and 1 Prize Bin Marker (1 for each tournament)

Continuing with our past policy, we are offering OP Season 4 Catch-up Kits with enough copies of Celebration Shochu and Future Brew so you can run a third tournament. These Catch-up Kits are only $5 when your store orders one with a Season 5 kit. Catch-up Kits are only available when ordered directly from our webpage.


Who doesn’t like awesome swag and supporting local business? If you’re stoked to see more promo cards and swag like this then reach out to your Friendly Local Game Store and let them know you want Organized Play!

We are also excited to hear about your experience. So make sure you bring your friends, have a good time and share what you did with us on Facebook or Twitter!


OP Kits are for you to promote your store and our games. We want you to be successful because you are responsible for the bulk of our income! Keep up the good work and share an exciting program with your customers.

Each kit comes with enough material for two events. We tried our best to price them economically and want all the feedback you can give us about the kits and the program. You can send feedback to us at:


We are going to need you for Season 5 as well! Storefronts will need dedicated RDI fans to run these events. Organized Play will offer you a chance to earn points toward your SlugCrew Rewards, as well as the opportunity to earn these new promos! We will be relying on the feedback of tournament organizers like you to continue improving the program. When you submit event reports, feel free to include any feedback you might have for us!

You can get all of the documentation ahead of time on the Organized Play Page of our website. Brief yourselves on the rules and regulations, and then get out there and let your FLGS know you want to run events!

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