Look over there! It’s the Lich King!

The mysterious Lich King has finally taken a break from his eldritch studies for a pint of ale at the tavern. Shrouded in arcane energy and more than happy to let loose with some point blank magical mayhem, he is certain to make an impression – and leave a smoldering table (and party of adventurers) in his wake!

The Lich King is the first villainous ally to join the game and will definitely take knowledge, skill and a little luck to play well – and against! His character deck is full of dirty magical tricks that would make Joran blush, and his new mechanic is going to turn a lot of heads: Fingers.

The Lich King begins the game with a special player mat that maxes out at 13 Fortitude. Normally this would be a terrible handicap for a character, however the Lich King’s ruthlessness knows no bounds, even for his own body! By severing his right hand and imbuing it with his magical essence, he now possesses the ability to Ignore card effects that affect his Fortitude or Alcohol Content five additional times! Each time the Lich King attempts to Ignore one of these card effects, he detaches a finger from his severed hand. As an added bonus, three of the five fingers also have a golden ring on them, and when you detach those fingers, they get added to your stash as a Gold Piece!

Dance with Gog? Snap a finger! Reveal Elven Wine with a Chaser of Dragon Breath Ale? Snap a finger! Phrenk offers you something a little strong? Snap a finger! About to lose the game? Snap a finger!

But don’t go too crazy with your new-found power! Many of the Lich King’s cards, especially the offensive ones, are MUCH better if you have many fingers still attached to your hand (it’s a little tough to strangle an adventurer with just a thumb). The Lich King also has a number of cards that are better based on how many detached fingers you have. Knowing what cards are in your deck and rationing your use of fingers will be critical to playing this character. Sometimes it may actually be better to take a few lumps to the old head bone if it means you can save a few fingers until the end of the game.

Furthermore, each finger counts as a Sometimes card when they are detached, meaning that they are all subject to being Negated by “I don’t think so!” or other similar cards. When one of the Lich King’s fingers is Negated, he may detach yet another finger to Ignore the original effect again, but breaking fingers off too quickly will leave the Lich King vulnerable for the rest of the game!

Finally, fingers do not prevent effects that attack the Lich King’s Gold. Gerki knows no greater joy than forcing the Lich King to detach one of his fingers to pay for the ante in a Round of Gambling, right before he steals it from the pot while nobody’s looking!

Like all of our villains, The Lich King will come with his own set of 15 Boss Battle cards so he can take on a party of players all at once! The Lich King is far and away our most defensive boss, letting loose all of his arcane power to regenerate his body, even going so far as occasionally reattaching his own detached fingers! Heroes will need to carefully beat their way through the Lich King’s defenses and avoid his most devastating spells to make it out alive.

The Lich King is joining all the fun at the Red Dragon Inn this year, and you know it’s going to end badly for everyone! Will this titan of magical prowess dominate the table, or will he succumb to the combined might of our heroes? Preorder your copy of The Red Dragon Inn: Allies – Adonis vs. The Lich King today!

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