Murgath the Blessed now available to SlugCrew!

With a new year comes new SlugCrew rewards!

For those of you just joining us, SlugCrew is our international demo team of people who love our games and want to persuade other people to love them, too. By running events at game stores and conventions, SlugCrew members can earn points toward promo drink cards or prerelease characters. The characters Ozrik, Wrench, Keet and Adonis all started their lives as SlugCrew promo characters before their public release.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. First up, the new promo drink cards!

2018 Promo Drinks

These drinks are (hopefully) what you’ve all come to expect from promo drinks – they’re flavorful, fun, and just a bit more zany than your typical Ogre Brews and Dwarven Firewaters. For example, Drowsy Poison causes you to (mostly) skip your next turn, while Wrench’s Alc-O-Matic is really hard to avoid, since it comes back whenever you try getting out of it!

You can earn these drinks by getting 30 SlugCrew points (typically about 6 hours worth of demoing). And at 150 SlugCrew points, you can get Murgath the Blessed!

Murgath the Blessed

We all know the story of the adventurer who has the misfortune of being stuck with a cursed item. But what about the villain who is stuck with a blessed item…?

The evil Blackguard Murgath gained possession of the holy sword Banefall when he looted it off the body of a defeated hero, and now he can’t figure out how to get rid of it. Banefall does everything she can to thwart Murgath’s mighty evil. She can’t completely stop him, but she can give her blessings to those unfortunate targets of his wrath.

Murgath has a side deck of blessings, and many of his cards give those blessings to other players. When you get a blessing, you draw the top card of the blessing deck and add it to your hand. It counts toward your hand size, so if you keep it through your Discard and Draw Phase, that’s one less card that you’ll draw from your Character Deck.

Many blessings have a subtype such as Action, Sometimes or Anytime. This means that you may play those cards for their effect at the appropriate time. However, many blessings also have a heart with a number in the upper left. The heart means that you may play the blessing as though it were an Anytime Card with the effect “Gain X Fortitude”, where X is the number in the heart. If a blessing has both an ability and a heart, you may play that blessing either for the ability or for the healing – not both!

The blessings add a fun new twist and makes a game with Murgath at the table very interesting!

And yes, Murgath is a villain. That means he has a 15-card Boss Battle deck in addition to his other cards. For more information about Boss Battle, check out the RDI 6 rules!

Murgath will be part of a later RDI product release, but until then, you can pick up a copy now by running events at game stores and conventions through SlugCrew. Sign up today and start earning points toward Murgath the Blessed!

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