Fleck wins the 2016 Doppelganger Tournament!

We love Gen Con. Tens of thousands of gamers descend on Indianapolis and play every kind of tabletop game you can imagine. 96 of those gamers chose to play in this year’s Red Dragon Inn Doppelganger Tournament. What’s that, you ask? Well, the first round of this elimination tournament consists of people playing against other copies of the same character to determine who is the “real” Fiona, the “real” Lizwick, the “real” Phrenk, etc.

After that, round two was six randomly-assigned tables of adventurers:

Table 1: Chronos the Time Mage used his timey-wimey stuff to great effect.

Winner: Chronos – Mark Walsh
Zakhan – Donald Marter
Sera – Sarah (!) Roby
Zariah – Morgan Rippke
Halden – Erin Leece

Table 2: Tara navigated her way through a tough table.

Winner: Tara – Jesse Leece
Ozrik – Shelby Phelps
Remy – Ryan Kunz
Joran – Mark Morrison
Dimli – Jonathan Cucchiaro

Table 3: Fleck won with his usual flair and panache.

Winner: Fleck – Lacey LaRue
Pooky – Rebecca Barnes
Captain Whitehawk – Patrick Brewington
Bastian – Sabrina Wing
Serena – Ashley Lane

Table 4: Cormac raged his way through the competition.

Winner: Cormac – Andrew Corrington
Bryn – Mariam Ahmad
Deirdre – Nicole McDowell
Nitrel – Matt Griessler
Keet – Ryan Walczyk

Table 5: Fiona won an interesting game that included an EPIC heads-up battle with Wrench!

Winner: Fiona – Denielle Kassan
Gerki – Hans Petersen Phrenk – Eric Barlett
Wizgille – Keith LaRue
Kaylin – Ben Roby
Wrench – Timothy Smith

Table 6: Erin shapeshifted her way out of trouble and advanced.

Winner: Erin – Don Leaman
Gog – Rob Castiello
Eve – Alex Rippke
Lizwick – Thomas Scheu
Natyli – Rhiannon Koch
Zot – Aaron Berg


Interesting note: final table competitor Don Leaman also made the final table back in 2014! This guy can play.

Unfortunately, Don (playing Erin) was the first elimination from the final table, running out of gold due to a couple of brutal rounds of gambling. Fiona was next out thanks to some nasty drinks. Chronos and Cormac went out simultaneously next due to yet another round of gambling that they couldn’t defend against. That made it heads-up between Tara and Fleck, with Fleck having a big advantage on Fortitude/AC spread. A couple of drinks later, it was all over!

Congrats to Fleck and Lacey LaRue for taking down our biggest Doppelganger Tournament ever!

1st Place: Fleck – Lacey LaRue
2nd Place: Tara – Jesse Leece
3rd/4th Place: Chronos – Mark Walsh and Cormac – Andrew Corrington
5th Place: Fiona – Denielle Kassan
6th Place: Erin – Don Leaman

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